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Orsha Linen Mill

Orsha Linen Mill annually confirms in independent European laboratories the most stringent requirements for the environmental safety of its products according to the Ecotex-100 safety certificates.

Over the 80-year history, the enterprise has accumulated a huge, one might say, unique experience in the field of flax processing and the production of natural linens. Keeping the traditions of linen weaving, today's specialists try to keep up with the times, constantly work to improve technology, improve quality. In 2004, the Orsha Linen Mill RUPTP implemented and certified a quality management system for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2001. The process of updating the equipment does not stop, modern automated lines are purchased and installed instead of outdated machines. This allows you to further diversify the range of products.

Also for all products there are declarations of conformity of the customs union and certificates of conformity of the customs union of the following form.

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